tmc - Track Machines Connected GmbH

tmc is a tech pioneer in digital rail infrastructure maintenance. We have developed a modern sensor technology, browser-based platforms and applications to improve the world’s rail networks and make people’s work in track maintenance easier, safer and more efficient.
Our systems allow for digital, automated track surveying, offer digital assistance for track machine operators to make tamping easier and allow rail infrastructure and maintenance fleet managers to optimize track and fleet monitoring.
Commissioning Track Machine Tamping Assistant
Digitalizing track machines Digital Tamping Protocols AI-based Tamping Assistant

Technologies and Competences

Assistance systems for track machines

Collect & evaluate data in real-time using AI for on-the-spot support of track machine operation

  • Automatic Guiding Computer: to lay the foundation for the digitization of track machines
  • Tamping Assistant: makes tamping easier with AI

Systems for track & fleet monitoring

Optimize operational planning

  • Machine Data Connector & Machine Condition Observer: remotely monitor your fleet
  • Online Suite: connect all data streams

Digital systems for track surveying

Automate track surveying, measure without an impact on operations

  • Referenced Track Geometry: to automate track surveying
  • The Data Recording Processor: digital work reports
Last Update: 17 Aug 2021