railindustry.at presents Austrian companies and research organisations involved in the rail industry

railindustry.at is an online-platform initiated by the Austrian Federal Ministry for Climate Action, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology (BMK) to provide stakeholders from all over the world with an overview of the broad range of competences of the Austrian rail industry.

The online-platform lists all registered companies and research organizations from A to Z and offers a structured search tool for competences in the Austrian rail industry.

In addition, a map of the organizations’ locations and a digital 3D-model allow an interactive search. The online-platform is supported by the ACstyria Mobilitätscluster GmbH.

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BMK invites all Austrian companies and research organizations involved in the rail industry and not yet listed on railindustry.at to register and present themselves on this website.

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Why does BMK support this online-platform?

BMK supports the rail industry for two main reasons: firstly, to address the transport policy goals of the Austrian Transport Master Plan and secondly, to address research, technology and innovation policy goals of the RTI Strategy of the Austrian Government.

The Austrian Transport Master Plan

The Austrian Transport Master Plan aims at ecologically friendly transport, affordable and barrier-free mobility for all and an increase in the efficiency of the transport system until 2025. Rail-related objectives are shifting transport from road to ecologically friendly rail, increasing capacity on the major rail axes and reducing greenhouse gas emissions in transport up to 19 percent, NOx emissions up to 70 percent and particulate matter up to 50 percent, making train stations and stops barrier-free and reducing energy consumption from 240 to 210 Petajoule.

The RTI Strategy of the Austrian Government

The goal of the RTI Strategy of the Austrian Government is to boost Austria in the Innovation Union Scoreboard ranking from the group of Innovation Followers to the group of Innovation Leaders. BMK intends to increase the research, technology and innovation intensity of the Austrian business sector and to develop technologies for tackling grand societal challenges like climate change. In doing so, BMK supports applied research and technology development, especially with regard to mobility including rail. The research and development quota of the Austrian Railway Industry is already 6 percent thus constituting a major strength of the Austrian business sector that however needs further enhancement.