Seisenbacher GmbH

The experience, technical expertise, long-term perspective and inventive spirit of our team have turned a small family business in Ybbsitz into a hidden champion of future-oriented mobility and a strong development partner for industry and railway operators. Inventing Mobility Interiors is more than a slogan – it’s our mission statement. In cooperation with our partners and customers, we develop and realize the interior solutions that truly move people forward, with the latest technology and utmost precision.
Seisenbacher headquarter Ybbsitz

Technologies and Competences


As an innovation partner for the rail industry, we guide our customers and inventions in the Mobility Interior at every stage - from the first idea to the finished product and beyond.

  • Engineering 
  • Parametric design (Creo Parametric)
  • Static simulation (FEM Creo Simulate)
  • Vibration analysis (Modal Analysis)
  • Dynamic simulation (Hype Works, Radioss)
  • Measurement and test laboratory (professional equipment for static/dynamic and frequency analysis)
  • We utilize our advantage of  our network with competent partners and suppliers to ensure highest flexibility and outstanding performance.
  • Bonding

Standards & Certifications

  • IRIS Rev.03 / ISO/TS 22163
  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 14001
  • DIN EN 15085-2 CL4
  • DIN 6701-2 A2
  • BS OHSAS 18001
Last Update: 1 Mar 2021