Railway-Technik GmbH

The Railway Technik GmbH is developing modern solutions in railway operations, where we have a strong focus on container solutions for receiving telecommunications systems, 5G systems and engineering containers in general - for autonomous driving for example.

Our products are leading in this field and patented. In addition, we have a system approval from EBA, the German Railway Federal Office, which underlines our market position.

Depending on our different range of tasks, we can offer a wide range of experience, which we would like to p
Highspeed Container System with EBA
V-Max- V-Max

Technologies and Competences

Solutions for containers to accomodate in TK-Systems to the highspeed Segment!

We offer modern solutions for the railway Environment.

Optional Interiors:

  • air conditioning
  • sub-distribution Cabinet
  • emergency power supply
  • alarm System
  • ...

We provide everything, from the container to the mast!

If required, we also set up the interior.


Standards & Certifications

  • EBA - Permit
  • Patented


Last Update: 26 Sep 2019