RAE Railway Applications Engineering e.U.

We are an engineering office specializing in rail vehicles, platform barrier systems and their interfaces. Thanks to our decades of experience and our know-how in technical development and system analysis, we can make the crucial difference for you.

Technologies and Competences

Our core competency is the development and evaluation of functional and overall integrative design strategies and the associated future-oriented technical solutions. The focus is on the balance between costs, ecological progress, increased reliability, and the highest safety standards. Participation in R&D projects and active work in various standardization committees is in the DNA of our company and enables us to actively shape the future of railway.

Our service portfolio is:

  • Engineering
  • Maintenance
  • Assessment & evaluation
  • Training

Standards & Certifications

Standards & rules

SIRF, EN 50126, IEC 62278, EN 50657, EN 50128, IEC 62279, EN 50129, IEC 62425  EN 50159, VDV 161, VDV 399, MODSafe, EN 60290, EN 62267, MIL-STD-882E, EN 14752, § 54 AM-VO Beschaffenheit von Türen und Toren, UIC 560 + 561, VDV 157, EBA Technische Regeln Spalt, EBA Anforderungen Türen, EBA SIRF, PRIIA SPECIFICATION No.305-003, EN 349, ISO 13857, EN 17186, ASR A1.7- DE, ON-ZP EN 12453, DIN EN 81-20, DIN EN 16005, DIN EN 12453, DIN EN 13241, EN 17285

European Union Legislation

  • CSM (EU) 402/2013 & 2015/1136 
  • Requirements Capture parts of (EU) 2018 /545 
  • TSI LOC&PAS (EU) 2019/776 resp. Nr. 1302/2014  
  • Coherence between TSI LOC&PAS und CSM 
  • TSI PRM (EU) 2019/772 resp. Nr. 1300/2014 (Rolling Stock) 
  • ECM (EU) 2019/779 
  • Harmonized standards (EU) 2020/453 

National legislation

  • BOStrab (DEU),  
  • StrabVO, AM-VO (AUT) 
  • RL Zulassung Eisenbahnfahrzeuge, RL UP-EB (CHE) 
  • NNTR´s (AUT, DEU, CHE)


  • Certified Functional Safety Professional
  • Certified expert for power-operated windows, doors and gates
  • Internal Quality Auditor
  • IPMA Level D
  • Subway driver for depot operation (BOStrab, Germany)
  • State-certified, publicly appointed and sworn expert - Austria (60.36 and 60.75 only for Rolling Stock Vehicles)

Member of:

  • Austrian Institute of Standard
  • Association of engineering offices in Austria
  • Main association of general sworn and court-certified experts in Austria
Last Update: 27 Oct 2023