psiacoustic Umweltforschung und Engineering GmbH

We are specialised in measuring, planning and consulting in the field of acoustics and ground born vibrations with a special focus on railway noise. Beside supporting our customers with noise assessment for public authorities and in EIA procedures and the development and evaluation of new abatement measures against noise and vibration we also have an in house developed acoustic railway monitoring system "acramos" of which already several permanent stations are operated on the railway network of the ÖBB Infrastruktur AG.
Rail Roughness measurement System
bridge roar microphone postitions S5026 noise map

Technologies and Competences

We already have been involved in a number of national and international funded R&D projects and have many years of experience and great competence in the field of measurement, data acquisition as well as statistical evaluation.

We offer the following services:

  • Noise measurements and evaluation of noise abatement measures (EN ISO 3095, …)
  • Vehicle Type Testing
  • Measurement of rail and wheel roughness and track decay rate  (EN 15610, EN 15461)
  • Automatic Noise and Vibration Monitoring with acramos® (fixed/mobile stations)
  • Evaluation of audibility of alarm signals
  • Noise Mapping of emissions from railway traffic and construction
  • Environmental Impact Assessment for noise and vibration
Last Update: 4 Nov 2021