Prosoft Süd Consulting GmbH

Experts in industrial data aquisition and communication, special focus on railway systems
Long-Termin experiences in hard- and software development, covering MS Toolchains as well as Linux OS
Operating own server and telefconferencing equipment
Involved in many groundbraking basic developments in the field of mobility, transport and railway
DRAM - web-based digital management of railway sites
KOREMA - fleetmanagement TRANOS - acoustics monitoring & flat spot indication

Technologies and Competences

  • READER: RFID based train/wagon identification system, provision of RFID transponder preprogrammed according "RFID-in-Rail"
  • DRAM: web-based digital services for railway terminal maintenance:
  • KOREMA: Services for optimization in wagon management and intermediate parking
  • TRANOS: AKUSTIC-Monitoring and analysing system including detection of possible technical irregularities ("FlatSpots")
  • GNSS: high accurate railway vehicle position location / survey of railway tracks w/o track-down closures,  track slope measurement
  • R&D: research and development competences for basic developments, research, piloting and Poc/PoT checks
Last Update: 24 Sep 2021