OpenTrack Railway Technology GmbH

The Swiss Company OpenTrack Railway Technology GmbH is a Spin-off from ETH Zürich. It deals with the development and the sales of simulation tools for rail transport. The Swiss Company was founded in the year 2006, the Austrian Company in the year 2011. Core business of the Austrian company is the sales of software OpenTrack on the Balkan (incl. Austria) as well as the application of OpenTrack for studies in Austria and research projects in FP7, H2020 and Shift2Rail.
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Technologies and Competences

  • Calculation of Running Times
  • Timetable Construction
  • Stability and Feasibility of Timetables (Monte-Carlo-Simulation)
  • Demand Analysis for Infrastructure
  • Headway Calculation
  • Planning of Reconstruction Work and Slow Speed Zones
  • Performance of Existing and Future Rolling Stock
  • Analysis of signalling systems (e.g. konventional Blocksystems, Shortblocksystems, Moving Block Systems, LZB, CBTC (Communication-Based Train Control), ATP, ATO, ETCS Level 1, 2 und 3, PTC
  • Power- and Energy Consumption of Trains
Last Update: 15 Dec 2017