netwiss is a small company with special expertise in the field of transport and mobility. The focus is on the holistic approach of the railway engineering. Consulting services as well as research and development projects are carried out with the aim of optimizing the railway sector. Special fields are the optimization of rail vehicles with the aim of reducing dwell time, increase the occupancy rate as well as passenger comfort and the total efficiency of vehicles and to improve accessibility.
Optimizing Train Interiors towards short dwell time, high occupancy rate and high efficiency

Technologies and Competences

Expertise in:

  • Optimization of passenger coaches (increase of the occupancy rate, acceleration of the passenger flow, luggage accommodation)
  • Accessibility in mobility
  • Passenger exchange time
  • Analysis of passenger behaviour
  • Baggage logistics
  • Customer requirements
  • Inquiries
  • Scientific work
  • Project management (research and development projects)

Software tool for optimizing any rail vehicles:


Last Update: 10 Oct 2019