Molinari Rail Austria GmbH

As a medium-sized, owner-managed technology company with Swiss roots, Molinari Rail delivers customized solutions for the global rolling stock industry. We support our customers in the design and development of vehicles and subsystems as well as with vehicle certification, commissioning, maintenance and modernization. Our clients are railway Operators, manufacturers of rolling stock, and construction companies as well as banks, leasing companies and authorities at home and abroad.
Three branches Molinari

Technologies and Competences

Molinari is offering its services in the following three branches:

  • Technology: Systems Engineering for passenger and freight vehicles - from the problem statement to the solution.
  • Manufacturing: Manufacturing of components and subsystems for railway vehicles - from prototyp to serial production.
  • Projects: Comprehensive design of transportation systems - from the idea to its implementation.
Last Update: 8 May 2019