Kompetenzzentrum - Das virtuelle Fahrzeug Forschungsgesellschaft mbH (VIF)

The VIRTUAL VEHICLE Research Center is an international platform for research and development in the automotive and rail industry, located in Graz/Austria. VIF addresses "smart mobility" and, in particular, the vehicles oftomorrow, which should be safe, environmentally-friendly and more and more connected with its surrounding. Hence, cutting-edge research and technology development is essential, and simulation is a key opening completely new possibilities.
Train X-Ray
Virtual Train Virtual Vehicle Generic Car Virtual Vehicle Generic Car

Technologies and Competences

The research center provides a close linkage of numerical simulation and experimental validation, and offers comprehensive system simulation up to the complete vehicle.The Center's research network is characterized by

  • over 80 internaional industry partners including leading OEM's, tier 1+2 suppliers and SW vendors
  • more than 40 scientific partner institutions worldwide
  • more than 200 employees

VIF is part of the Austrian COMET K2 Program. Moreover, the Center actively engages in numerous EU funded projects (27 ongoing, 20 competed projects) and offers a broad portfolio of commissioned research and services.

Last Update: 28 Nov 2017