Innofreight Solutions GmbH

Since 2002 is the focus of Innofreight’s operational activities the development of innovative wagons, containers and unloading systems in cooperation with customers of many industries: steel, energy, timber, building materials, agriculture and fluids. We offer an idea and take care of the implementation and service. The secret of our success is the flexibility, high capacity utilization and a smoothly running transport system. All factors are the result of combinability and the modular character of our systems with various unloading techniques.
XXL Container Stationary unloading system

Technologies and Competences

Innofreight is proud of 10 million container loads so far, 150 million t of freight on the rail, a 10,000 container and 800 wagon-sized fleet, 50 selfowned forklifts and 6 stationary unloading systems. As well, we are proud of the avoidance of 1 million t of CO2 emissions due to the environmentally friendly transport by rail.

Weight-optimised 40-ft and 60-ft container carrying wagons serve as basic wagons and feature low-noise brake systems. The carrying wagons can be equipped with diverse containers, tailored to cargo and infrastructural requirements at the loading and unloading points. This creates logistic flexibility previously thought impossible in the rail freight transport sector.

Standards & Certifications

  • ISO 9001:2008
  • ECM VERORDNUNG (EU) Nr. 445/2011
Last Update: 8 May 2019