EQOS Energie Österreich GmbH

Throughout Europe, numerous investments are being made in short and long-distance transit, which is accelerating the economic motor for transport infrastructure. Our solutions contribute to the railway infrastructure sector and ensure that a rail connection between the Alps and the North Sea is possible.
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Technologies and Competences

The core expertise of EQOS Energie is in the construction of catenary lines and signaling technology. But that isn’t all. Our portfolio covers almost everything that can be moved on rails: from long-distance transit to the subway.

With thoughtful planning, reliable installation, commissioning and subsequent maintenance or servicing, we ensure that as many things as possible move as quickly as possible on each line. Our engineering people plan the overhead contact line systems while also taking into account bridge protection including structural analysis. Special pile-driving and drilling equipment are used in the foundation process.

Last Update: 14 Jul 2021