Design Composite GmbH

Lightweight construction & special solutions: customised flexibility
design composite GmbH produces and distributes composite panels for lightweight construction such as the transport industry, industrial applications and flooring.
TOP-air GRP TOP-air power GRP antislip TOP-lite

Technologies and Competences

An important area of design composite are special applications - they require special customised products (weight saving, fire retardant, high rigidity). The team of the research and development department at design composite has the know-how to solve special requirements efficiently and in the best possible way. Lightweight composite elements of the highest quality are developed and tested in our own test and measurement laboratory. The adhesive technology, which has been continuously improved for years, gives design composite unimagined possibilities in the production of lightweight composite elements. The experts provide advice on the selection of material,  construction and design.

Last Update: 26 Jun 2019