BATEGU Gummitechnologie GmbH

BATEGU is a leading manufacturer of high-quality anti-vibration components (rubber-/rubber-metal-components).
For more than 60 years renowned international manufacturers especially of rolling stock as well as railway operators have been relying on the supreme and safe quality of BATEGU.
Conical spring

Technologies and Competences

  • Pioneer in the field of flame retardant (highly) dynamically resilient elastomer materials
  • World's largest range of EN 45545-compliant elastomer materials (BTG®9713 & BTG®9559 40 to 85 Shore A +/- 5, R9 with a hazard level of 2 or 3) for the production of anti-vibration components, in particular for use in bogies
  • Anti-vibration component for a railway vehicle can be produced both for OEM and as a spare part
  • Types of components EN 45545-compliant e.g.: Layer springs, Concial springs, Spring pads, Hour glass springs, Wheelset springs, Dog-Bone bushings, Spherical bearings, Engine mounts, Shock mounts, Spring discs, Gearbox mounts, Hollow springs

Standards & Certifications

  • ISO 9001:2015 Certificate - valid until 03. July 2020
Last Update: 8 May 2019