AIT Center for Vision, Automation & Control

We are Austria's largest Research and Technology Organization and a powerful development partner for the industry and one of the top employers in the international scientific scene.
Bombardier trams are capable of detecting obstacles thanks to an optical AIT 3D sensor system specially developed for use of light rail vehicles.

Technologies and Competences

Innovative 3D sensor systems open up a variety of new applications in the areas of transport, industrial automation, inspection and monitoring. In this context there is a need to solve fundamental problems such as 3D reconstruction of the environment, obstacle detection and object recognition, precise measurement of objects, self-localisation of the sensor system and path and movement planning in a reliable and efficient manner. 3D vision and modelling comprises a broad portfolio of research projects focusing on specific topics. We focus on research topics such as Autonomous Land Vehicles, Airborne Vision and Measuring the World.

Last Update: 14 Jul 2023