AC2T research GmbH

AC2T is a non-profit company with a business model as one-stop shop for all questions related to tribology. Today, AC2T is one of the largest private independent research service provider in tribology in the world with international customers. More than 100 scientists in chemistry, computer science, electrical and mechanical engineering, material science, and physics are active at AC2T. AC2T provides solutions to interdisciplinary challenges and performs industrial application-oriented research in tribology and material characterisation.
AC2T in Wiener Neustadt
Wear traces Wear traces

Technologies and Competences

  • Characterisation and optimising friction and wear behaviour of materials and lubricants
  • Designing experimentally supported multi-scale numerical models for simulation and modelling of tribological components and systems
  • Specific knowledge in thermodynamics and fluid mechanics, modelling and simulation of physical and chemical contact behaviour
  • Investigating wear mechanisms and developing prognostic wear models
  • Benchmarking and optimising lubricants; exploring lubricant-surface interactions
  • Sensor systems for condition-based and predictive maintenance of lubricated systems
  • Manufacturing and characterisation of metal powder coatings with tribologically optimised properties

Standards & Certifications

  • ISO 9001 - Quality management: 2015 certification
  • ISO ISO14001 - Environmental management: 2015 certification
Last Update: 8 May 2019